Group ~ J ~

There is not a male Hooper descendant from any of these Family Trees participating in the
Hooper DNA Projects at this time.  Do you know someone that would qualify?  Would you
be able to convince them to participate?  If so, you'll be helping all Hooper Genealogists
and Researchers - both now and in the future!

Nicholas Hooper
(c. 1800 - c. 1860)
Rachel unknown
Submitted by Stephen Fox

Thomas Hooper
(1668 - c. 1738)
Elizabeth Leighton Small
Submitted by Richard Saunders

Thomas Hooper
(c. 1760 - c. 1826)
Jane Lovell
Submitted by Ron Hooper

Absalom Hooper
(c. 1740 - 1813)
Elizabeth Wiley
Submitted by Ron Hooper

Isaac Hooper
(1758 - 1815)
Jane Craig
Submitted by Sandy Griffith

William Hooper
(1812 - c. 1866)
Martha (unknown)

Submitted by Peggy Ahern

Thomas C. Hooper
(1775 - 1850)
Alsey Drennan
Submitted by Ron Hooper

Churchwell Hooper
(b. 1763 - 1808)
Mary "Polly" unknown
Submitted by Ron Hooper

Jacob Hooper
(1764 - 1844)
Mary Cord

Submitted by Vana Fessler

Zachariah Hooper
(unknown - c. 1775)
Susanna Walker
Submitted by Bunny Horton

William Hooper
(1838 - aft 1900)
Celia Booth
Submitted by Jerry Hooper Cox

Jesse Hooper
(1794 - 1872)
Mary Haynes
Submitted by Harold Hooper

Elijah Hooper
(c. 1780 - c. 1845)

Submitted by Wilma Directo

William Hooper
(c 1635 - unknown)

Submitted by Donald Hooper

Edward Hooper
(1775 - 1828)
Submitted by Ron Hooper

Enoch Hooper
(c. 1772 - c. 1848)
Submitted by Ron Hooper

  Barton Hooper
(unknown - 1827)
Submitted by Audrey Garretson

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