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Zachariah Hooper is thought to have been born in Hanover County, VA and married circa 1767 Susanna Walker daughter of Thomas Walker and Betty Ellis.  Susanna was born February 1745 and died in Caswell County, NC in 1837.  After Zachariah died circa 1775 Susanna has two more sons.  Amelia County Court records prove the father of Robert Woodlief Hooper, but there are no records as to the father of Henry Hooper.  Susanna moved from Amelia County (now Nottoway) with her sons and their families to Caswell County, NC early 1800 to be near her daughter Mary Elizabeth Hooper Gunn. 
It should be noted that these Hoopers are no kin to William Hooper, Signer of the Declaration of Independence.


Children of Zachariah Hooper and Susanna Walker
Mary Elizabeth “Polly” Hooper (1768-1843) m. 1785 in Amelia County, VA Starling Gunn (1764-1852) both buried in Caswell County, NC
Zachariah Hooper, Sr. (1769-?) m. (1) “Unknown” (2) 1825 in Caswell County, NC Elizabeth Raimey (1790-?)
Benjamin Hooper (1774-1839) m. 1800 in Caswell County, NC, Nancy Henderson (c1784-?)

Other Children of Susanna Walker Hooper:
Child of Susanna Walker Hooper and Woodlief Thomas
Robert Woodlief Hooper (1779-1853) m. 1802 in Caswell County, NC, Pricilla Henderson (1785-?) both buried in Caswell County, NC

Child of Susannah Walker Hooper and “Unknown”
Henry Hooper (c1785-1833) never married


Children of Benjamin Hooper and Nancy Henderson
John H. Hooper (c.1800-1884) m. Harriett Turner - moved to Alabama
Zachariah Linney Hooper (1801-1868) m. 1824 in Halifax County, VA Elizabeth Dupuy Hundley (1806-1874) buried in the Hooper/Harrelson Cemetery, Caswell County. NC - descendants settled in Rockingham County, NC
Elisha E. Hooper (1804-1843) Caswell County, NC
Henry W. Hooper (c1805-1865) m. 1830 in Caswell County, NC, Tabitha Kimbrough (c1815-1873) both buried in an unfound cemetery in Caswell County, NC
Martha Miles Hooper (1808-?) m. (1) 1824 in Caswell County, NC, Hartwell Motley (1801-1838) (2) 1846 in Pittsylvania County, VA Sexton W. Smith - settled in Pittsylvania County, VA
Francis “Frank” Marion Hooper (c.1809) m. 1843 in Pittsylvania County, VA Martha Cullen Williams
Elizabeth L. “Eliza” Hooper (c1813) m. 1837 in Caswell County, NC, enry W. Hundley
Joseph H. Hooper (c1832-?) m. 1844 in Pittsylvania County Virginia Anglen (c1827-?)
Woodley T. Hooper (?-1836) moved to Alabama


Children of Henry Hooper and Tabitha Kimbrough
Elizabeth Hooper (c1831-1929) m. 1852 George R. Swift (c1820-?) moved to Weakley County, TN
John Calvin Hooper (1832-?) m. 1856 Mary Lea Williamson (1832-1904)
Nathaniel R. Hooper (1846-1927) m. (1) Celia Gunner (1852-1926 (2) Martha Missie Richmond (1861-?) moved to Calloway County, KY
William Hooper (c1834-1856) m. 1854 Mary Ann Jones (c.1832-?)
Woodlief “Woodley” Hooper (c1836-1860) in Caswell County, NC, Virginia Foster (c1825-?) moved to Rockingham County, NC
James Henry Hooper (1844-1942) m. 1874 Martha Dillard Martin (1844-1919) lived in Weakley County, TN
Andrew Jackson Hooper (1847-1934) m. 1871 Mattie Elizabeth Richmond (1851-1946) descendants live in Missouri, Virginia and Guilford County, NC


Children of John Calvin Hooper and Mary Lea Williamson
Thayer L. Hooper (1857-1901) never married
Henry Thomas Hooper (1859-1912) never married
Willie T. Hooper (1860-1860)
Walter W. Hooper (1863-1863)
Sarah Anne “Sallie” Hooper (1869-1940) m. 1887 in Forsyth County, NC, William T. Wootton (1862-1939) moved to Rockingham County, NC
Charles Marshall Hooper ((1870-1949) m. 1900 in Forsyth County, NC; Susie Charlotte Wright (1877-1901) Charles buried Salem Cemetery; Winston-Salem, NC; Susie buried Lewisville Baptist Church Cemetery, Lewisville, NC
Swift Hooper (1871-1943) m. 1898 in Davie County, NC, Georgia Blanche Coley (1877-1951)
John Lee Hooper (1875-1949) m. 1901 in Guilford County, NC, Carrie Winona Garves (c1887-1961)
Benjamin F. Hooper (1877-1954) m. 1906 in Guilford County, NC, Emma L. Peters (1885-1968) no children

Mary Lea Williamson Hooper, Thayer, Henry Thomas, Willie, Walter, and Benjamin are all buried at the Main St. United Methodist Church Cemetery in Kernersville, NC.

Swift Hooper was the engineer for the “Old 97” that wrecked on White Oak Mountain near Danville, VA. 
His obituary reads  Swift Hooper, Sr., 70, “the man who might have prevented the wreck of the Old 97,” died suddenly at 9 o’clock this morning at this home, 669, Irving Street.  His death brings to the end of the run a career of 51 years of service as a locomotive engineer.  For 44 of those years Mr. Hooper made the run between Winston-Salem and North Wilkesboro, and both he and his engine were familiar figures to residents who live along that stretch of tracks.  The other seven years of his life were spent behind the throttle, he spent on the Southern Railway’s main line, and it was during that period that his name has been mentioned as “the man who might have prevented the wreck of the Old 97.” Since 1903 when the Southern’s fast mail train, No. 97, jumped the tracks at “90 miles an hour.” The name Swift Hooper has ranked right along with that of Engineer Joe Broady in the colorful stories of that wreck which has gone down in history in the words of the familiar ballad.  For Mr. Hooper was at that time regular engineer of No. 97, and had he not taken a day off to visit relatives he would been pulling the throttle on that fateful day .  Because he knew that the curve could not be taken at “90 miles an hour, “ it is said that Swift Hooper is ‘the main who might have prevented the wreck of the Old 97.”  He began his railroad career on Dec. 25, 1889, with the old Richmond and Danville Railroad, which later became the Southern Railroad, and through 51 years he made his runs, retiring in December 1940.  During those years there rode in trains pulled by Mr. Hooper’s engine such famous persons as President Theodore Roosevelt; George Perkins, associate of J. P. Morgan, and Adlai E. Stephenson, candidate for vice-president with Grover Cleveland.  Mr. Hooper was born in Kernersville on Nov. 9, 1872.  He was a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and a member of Ardmore Methodist Church.”


Children of Swift Hooper and Blanche Coley
Dr. Glenn Lee Hooper (1899-1976) moved to Harnett County, NC; buried there
Mary Elizabeth Hooper (1901-1943) - buried Forsyth Memorial Park, Forsyth County, NC
Swift “Bud” Hooper, Jr. (1904-1951) - buried Forsyth Memorial Park, Forsyth County, NC
Henry Thomas Hooper (1906-1948) - buried Forsyth Memorial Park, Forsyth County, NC
Charles Marshall Hooper (1909-1970) - buried Forsyth Memorial Park, Forsyth County, NC
Robert Lemuel Hooper (1914-1988) moved to Rowan County, NC; buried there

Records at LDS Family Research Center, Caswell County, NC
Family Bible of Zachariah Hooper and Elizabeth Raimey
Correspondence with Jay Johnston, Richmond, VA
Correspondence with Wayne Gunn, Kingsville, TX
Caswell County Census Records
Forsyth County Census Records
Records at Danville Public Library, Danville, Va
Records at Caswell County Courthouse
Caswell County Cemetery Records
Forsyth County Cemetery Records
Records at Davie County Courthouse
Records at Forsyth County Library

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