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Ethel Mary Hooper, GrandMother (Mittie James Senter) Pike, and Frank Hooper
~ late 1914 ~


Marvell (Farrell) and Frank Hooper
with Son, R.E. (Richard Enos) Hooper
~ 1937 ~


Frank Hooper with Sons:
R.E. and Gary Wayne Hooper
~ 1940 ~

GrandMother - Mittie James (Senter) Pike, Mother - Mary Elizabeth (Pike) Hooper,
Frank James Hooper and Son - R.E. (Richard Enos) Hooper
~ 1936 ~

GrandMother - Mittie James (Senter) Pike
Brother - James Enos (J.E.) Hooper
Frank James Hooper
Son - R.E. (Richard Enos) Hooper
~ 1936 ~



GramPa (Thomas Samuel) Pike
~ 1916 ~


Lizzie (Mary Elizabeth Pike) Hooper
with two of her children:
Ethel Mary Hooper and Frank James Hooper
~ 1917 ~

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