Submitted by Wade Glascock

Thomas Smiley Hooper (1858-1931)
~ Taken about 1927 ~

From Left to Right:
Madeline Hooper (McDonald), Ruth Hooper, Thomas S. Hooper,
Lurie Reeder (Hooper), Sarah Hooper (Mayo), Howard "Bub" Hooper
~ Taken about 1927 ~

Ruth Hooper, Madeline Hooper (McDonald), Jean McDonald (Law),
Lurie Reeder (Hooper), Sarah Hooper (Mayo), Joyce McDonald (Glascock)
~ Taken about 1943 ~

Madeline Hooper and Fred Campbell McDonald
~ Taken about 1933 ~

Joyce McDonald (Glascock)
~ Taken about 1950 ~

Deborah Glascock (Perkins) and Wade Glascock
~ 1962 ~

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