~ General Funding Information ~

Have you ever hit the proverbial "Brick Wall" in your Hooper Genealogical research?  If you're new to Genealogy, you probably haven't yet, but if you've been doing this for some time, you may have come to the "End Of The Trail" and are stuck at a certain Ancestor.  Many Researchers have gone about as far as they are able and are stuck and have recently turned to the new and historical uses of Genealogical DNA Research.  With the advent of DNA Research, we're now connecting many different Hooper Families that have, before DNA Testing, been "Brick Walls".  This provides us all with new clues to look into by allowing us to sort through those families that are now proven as Genetic Cousins!  We can share information and leads with others that match our own Ancestors DNA results and decrease time, money and wishful thinking chasing family connections that are not ever going to be realized.

Consequently, our DNA Projects are not only helping us in this current day of our own Genealogical Research, but will provide invaluable assistance to those Hooper Genealogists and Researchers years and years from now.  That's why it's important for us to gain as many Participants in our DNA Projects as possible, not only to help us, but to help future Hooper Descendants and Researchers.

Now, from time to time, there may be a Hooper Ancestor that has Descendants that are indifferent to Genealogy or may have a conviction so strong in their Family's "Verbal History" that they don't want to find out, or know, the truths of their Family Lore, and yet, that Ancestor may be of great significance to the rest of us.  For example, many Hooper Families have believed for decades that they are tied to William Hooper, the Signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Paper trails haven't proved this out for many Genealogists, but there's been that continued lingering doubt.  If a male descendant of William the Signer, or his Brother, George, were to take the Y-DNA test, it would then solve a multitude of Families questions in regard to their connection or not.

DNA testing isn't a cheap undertaking.  Thus, anyone that participates, either directly with a DNA sample or indirectly by sending a financial donation, is investing not only in their own Research and Genealogy, but are investing in future Genealogists too.  They're sacrificing for the greater good of all now and all in the future.  They ought to be Congratulated for their brave, unselfish and generous efforts.

Considering the cost is of some significance and considering some Ancestor Descendants are indifferent or may simply be unable to pay.....and yet considering the importance of having them tested for our mutual goals, Hooper DNA Projects Funding has been born.  The goal of the HOOPER DNA Fund is to assist in gaining DNA testing from those individuals that are felt to be of significant importance to Hooper Genealogy, Research and History as a whole - worldwide.

Won't you become a Contributing Member of the HOOPER DNA Projects Fund?   Your help in this may unlock the doors of mystery for Hooper Genealogists for years to come!  We appreciate your assistance!

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