Policy and Procedures
Adopted by the Funding Committee on February 16, 2003

Purpose of the HOOPER DNA Projects Funding
To Fund Applicants for the HOOPER DNA Projects from Hooper Family Lines that are of interest and value to Hooper Research - worldwide.

Composition of Funding Committee
The Funding Committee will consist of three Members:
    A)  Chairperson - Wade Glascock
    B)  Treasurer - Ron Hooper
    C)  Third Member - Clay Hooper

Duties of the Committee Members
I)  Chairperson:
        A)  The Chairperson will present all applications that have been deemed of merit by the three Committee Members for Funding to the Donor List for vote.
        B)  The Chairperson will not initiate voting action of the Donors until there is a consensus vote among the three Committee Members.
        C)  The Chairperson will abide by a majority vote of the Donors to offer, or deny, Funding to any Applicant submitted for their vote.
        D)  The Chairperson will be the sole person directing the Treasurer to, or not to, write Funding checks upon the completion of the Donor vote.
        E)  The Chairperson will facilitate all activities of the Funding Committee.
        F)  The Chairperson will set a time limit on voting by the Donor List, prior to their vote.
        G)  The Chairperson will solicit application for Committee Member replacement in the event a position is vacated or impeached.
        H)  The Chairperson will be a voting Member of the Committee, but not a voter among the Donors - even if he is a Donor (with specified exception).
         I)  Specified Voting Exception:  The Chairperson may vote with the Donors - only to break a tie among them.

II)  Treasurer:
        A)  The Treasurer will maintain a Checking Account for the Fund.
        B)  The Treasurer will collect all monies in support of the HOOPER DNA Projects Fund.
        C)  The Treasurer will keep the Committee and Donors apprised of available monies (If they supply an email address.  No snail mail will be sent).
        D)  The Treasurer will disperse all monies as directed by the Chairperson.
        E)  The Treasurer will keep the Hooper Connections WebMaster apprised of the names and email addresses of all Donors.
        F)  In the event of a Committee Member vacancy, the Treasurer will freeze all monies until that position is replaced.
        G)  The Treasurer will act as Interim Chairperson only if both of the other Member positions are vacated simultaneously, until those positions can be filled.
        H)  The Treasurer will be a voting Member of the Committee, but not a voter among the Donors - even if he is a Donor.

III)  Third Member of the Committee:
        A)  The Third Member will assume responsibility of Interim Chairperson in the event the Chairperson position has been vacated, until that position can be filled.
        B)  The Third Member will be a voting Member of the Committee, but not a voter among the Donors - even if he is a Donor.

General Duties of the Committee
    A)  The three Committee Members will review all applications for Funding.
    B)  The Committee will vote on whether or not an application is of merit for the Chairperson to pass on to the Donor List for their vote.
    C)  No action will be taken until all three Committee Members have voted on an application.
    D)  The three Committee Members will determine, by a majority vote among themselves, any changes or amendments to the HOOPER DNA Projects Funding Policies and Procedures.

Other Policies and Procedures
    A)  If for some reason any one of the three Committee Members must cease participation, all money activities will cease until that position can be replaced.
    B)  The Committee Member acting as Interim Chairperson will provide a list of Candidates to Donors to fill any Committee Member(s) vacated position.
    C)  Committee Members will be allowed to remain a Member for as long as they desire, are active and are capable.
    D)  Whenever possible, all Committee Members will allow time for finding their replacement before vacating their position.
    E)  If a Committee Member has become incapable, they may be voted off, impeached, by unanimous vote of the other two Members.
    F)  All Committee Member positions are voluntary and are not paid for their services.

    A)  Donating $20.00 or more per year to the HOOPER DNA Projects Fund automatically places that person on the Donor List.
    B)  Donors will be given the opportunity to vote to offer, or deny, funding to any application submitted to them by the Chairperson.
    C)  Donors will be given the opportunity to vote on Committee Member replacements, if and when, a position becomes vacant.
    D)  Donors may choose to vote, or not vote, when presented with the opportunity by the Chairperson.
    E)  If a Donor does not vote within the specified time limit of the Chairperson, their vote will not be counted.

Funding Selection Process:
    A)  Anyone may submit application for Funding, either in their own behalf or for another.
    B)  An application may be sent to any Member of the Funding Committee, complete with all information needed to substantiate need and merit for Funding.
    C)  The three Members of the Committee with evaluate the merits and need for Funding of all applications received.
    D)  The Committee will vote amongst themselves on whether or not to submit any and all applications to the Donors for vote.
    E)  A majority vote among the Committee must occur before any application will, or will not, be sent to the Donors for vote.
    F)  The Donors will vote to either offer, or deny, Funding to any application set before them from the Funding Committee.
    G)  The Chairperson will contact the Sumbitter of the application with the decision of either approval, or denial, of Funding.
    H)  The decisions of the Funding Committee are FINAL (with specified exception).
     I)  The vote of the Donors is FINAL (with specified exception).
    J)   Decisions and Voting Specified Exception:  If an Applicant is denied Funding, they may reorganize their request and information and reapply.
    K)  If an Applicant reapplies, the process will begin anew, as if not seen before, and will be treated with original courtesy and consideration.
    L)  If application is accepted for Funding, the Chairperson will initiate process with Applicant and Treasurer for securing the DNA test kit.
    M)  If application is denied, there are no other obligations from any party.

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