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William Henry Hooper 1821-1908
c. 1890's


Susan Cooke Hooper 1822-1879
Wife of William Hooper
c. 1890's

This photo is of a Hooper outing, probably over at Hooper's Beach on Deer Island around 1915.

Front row of  two boys (L to R):
Leon Leeman & Frederick Pickard

Middle row of ladies (L to R):
Alice Maud (Boyington) Leeman, Lillian (Boyington) Pickard
& Barbara Ellen (Dean) Hooper

Back row of gentlemen (L to R):
Frank Leeman 1869 & James Edward Hooper 1837-1926.

The Boyington sisters, Alice and Lillian, were out back of the Island to visit their Aunt Barbary and Uncle Jim Hooper with their two sons. Alice and Lillian are the daughters of Nancy Adelaide Hooper and John Boyington. Nancy was the younger sister of James Edward. Mr. Pickard is probably the photographer.

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