Submitted by Donald Hooper

~ 1902 ~
Golden Wedding Anniversary of
John Henry Hooper and Pleasant Calkins Hooper
The photo was taken at their home in Ohio

Back Row - left to right
Hazel Tipton, Perry Hooper & Alice Ervin Hooper (holding George Hooper 1 mo)
a male Tipton, Martha Tipton, Ray Tipton and Martha Hooper

Middle Row - left to right
Charles W. Hooper and Emma, John Henry Hooper, Pleasant C. Hooper, James and
Celia Hooper

Front Row - left to right
Charles and Alice Tipton, Mabel and Carl Hooper
My grandfather was Perry Hooper, and my great-grandfather was John Henry
Hooper ~ John Henry Hooper was born in 1831 and died in 1906

Floating Sawmill in N.E. Arkansas ~  Perry Hooper is at right side with hat and suit coat
Owned and operated by my grandfather Perry Hooper

Many farmers and land owners had wood to be milled, but it was inaccessible
by roads. The solution was a floating sawmill which could be carried on a
boat, assembled and disassembled, then moved to another location. My
grandfather operated this sawmill until after 1920. He went into the
trucking business, and this business closed during the Great Depression.

My father Glen C. Hooper(born 1911) helped on the sawmill, and then was a
driver in the trucking business. In 1937-38 he moved to Oregon and worked
as a lumberjack until 1940 when he moved the family to Michigan.

~ 1946 in Arkansas ~

Front Row:
Ronald Hooper, Donald Hooper, Stanley P. Langston, Rob and Roy Lane

Middle Row:
Onnie Prince Nimmo, Aaron Nimmo, Perry Hooper, Eva Nance Hooper, Mabel
Hooper Nimmo, Perry V. Nimmo

Back Row:
Bobbie L. Langston, Carrie Grayson Hooper, Glen C. Hooper (holding Frederick
G. Hooper), George Hooper, Anita Hooper Lane, Reta Sue Lane, Carl Hooper

George E. Hooper, standing in the back row is the same George Hooper shown
in the 1902 John Henry Hooper Anniversary photo.
Mabel Hooper Nimmo and Carl Hooper are also present and were children seated
in the 1902 photo.

Alice Ervin Hooper, shown in the 1902 photo died in 1913 and Perry Hooper
remarried Eva Nance. They had one child, Anita Hooper who married Woodrow

My brother Ronald and I were twins
and Anita Hooper had twin sons Roy and Rob Lane

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