Below you'll find a "Specific Individuals Wish List".  These are names of Hooper Ancestors that someone has submitted that they feel are of significance to the overall Hooper Genealogy and Research.  Anyone may send the name of who they'd like to see on the Wish List, however, to have them actually considered for Funding, a Descendant of that Ancestor must be found and their cooperation obtained.  Then to receive funding, the procedure for application must be completed.  See "Funding Selection" for details.

You will also find, below, a listing of "Other Groups of Special Interest".  These are groups of people that we'd love to encourage participating in the HOOPER DNA Projects, as we may find we have other Cousins that we never knew.  If you are able to encourage someone to participate that falls in one of those groups and they are in need of funding to participate, please email any member of the Funding Committee with the appropriate information and let's see what we can do to help.

**About mtDNA Testing / Funding:  mtDNA Testing and Funding would be taken up as a separate special circumstance.  This Fund is primarily intended for male line Hooper Y-DNA Research.  If a special circumstance occurs where female line Mitochondria DNA testing would be of significant value to the overall Hooper Genealogy and Research, the same attention would be paid to that situation by the same process.**

Specific Individuals Wish List:

William Hooper
Signer of The
Declaration of Independence

Edley Hooper
born about 1811, NC

Churchwell and his Brother,
Thomas Hooper

John Hooper
(about 1790 - about 1848)
Husband of Margaret Hooper
(Daughter of Absalom & Sarah Saylors Hooper)

Hiram (& Dorcas) Hooper

Jesse W. Hooper
of Louisiana

Other Groups Of Special Interest:

HOOPERS from NorthEastern
United States

HOOPERS from Australia and
New Zealand

HOOPERs from:
Hanover County, VA
Caswell County, NC

Europeans with HOOPER Surname

Blacks with HOOPER Surname

Cherokee with HOOPER Surname

HOOPERs that have
submitted a Family Tree but don't
have a DNA representative yet

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