Hooper Family Pictures
Submitted by Deb Bishop

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The guy on extreme left in white shirt and dark pants is Cort Hooper,
(Cort Hooper; Samuel N. Hooper; Enos Greenlee Hooper; Isaac Hooper, Absolem Hooper). 
The older lady, fourth person from extreme right is Dora Seay HOOPER Sorrells,
the wife of Samuel N. Hooper (she married Sorrells after the death of Sam Hooper.
The lady to the right of Dora with her head tilted to the right is Effie Hooper Rice,
daughter of Samuel N. Hooper.
The man fifth from the left, wearing a suit and tie is Charlie Rice,
son of Thomas Jasper Rice and Mary Minara HOOPER, from the Obediah Hooper family. 
Charlie was the husband of Effie HOOPER from Absolem Hooper line as mentioned above.
This picture was taken in the Hiawassee Georgia or maybe the Shooting Creek area
of Clay County, NC in the later 1940's.  My guess would be about 1948 or 1949.

Children and Grandchildren of Hoopers
The guy on the front, extreme left, with the suspenders, sweater and hands in the pockets is
my brother, Doug Rice.  The guy on the front, extreme left with the sweater and holding the hand
of a baby is my cousin, Andrew Rice.  The baby is Tommy Rice, Andrew's brother.  The little
girl with blonde hair, wearing the white dress is the sister of Andrew and Tommy Rice. 
Like me, all of these Rice children are "double Hooper", i.e. Absolem Hooper and Obadiah Hooper.

Charles Douglas (Charlie) Rice, Sr., wife, Effie Ellen Gertrude HOOPER Rice
and son, Charles Douglas (C.D.) Rice, Jr., my dad.
Charlie is son of Thomas Jasper Rice and Mary Manira Hooper - the Obadiah Hooper line. 
Effie is the daughter of Dora Seay Hooper and Samuel N. Hooper, from the Absolem line.
Picture taken about 1916

This is the one I believe to be Sam Hooper.  I am just not certain.
 If this is Sam, the picture would probably have been taken between 1887 and 1897. 
This guy looks a lot like Cort Hooper, Effie's brother.
 The picture belonged to Effie Hooper.

Right to Left
Cort HOOPER, Effie HOOPER Rice, Dora Seay HOOPER Sorrells, (widow of Sam HOOPER),
Jules Sorrells, 2nd husband of Dora, and their children, Jessie SORRELLS Sims and Ruby SORRELLS Kitchens. 
Picture made about 1948 in the Hiawassee Georgia/Shooting Creek, NC area.

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