Submitted by Deanna Baumgardner

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Sam Houston Hooper Family c. 1897

~ Left to Right ~
Back Row:  Molly Hooper, Alice Hooper, Harrison Davis,
Amanda Burns Wolfe and Marietta Burns Davis
Front Row:  Sam Houston Hooper, Mariah Catherine Burns Hooper,
Jesse Hooper, Elvira Minerva Whitton Burns, Dora Hooper and Louis Wolfe
Justine Hooper in her Mothers lap and Josia Lee Hooper beside her GrandMother


Sam Houston and Mariah Catherine Burns Hooper Family

Don, Edd Pate, Jesse, Josia Lee, Molly, Tina Belle, Dora and Justine
Sam Houston Hooper and Mariah Catherine Burns Hooper
Photo circa 1918


Edd Pate and Mattie Ila McDaniel Hooper Family

Marvin Edd, Deanna Ruth, Benny Ray, James Edward, Ruby Irene
(not pictured Allene 1928 - 1931)
Mattie Illa McDaniel Hooper and Edd Pate Hooper
50th Wedding Anniversary 1968

Edd Pate and Mattie Ila McDaniel Hooper Family

~ Left to Right ~

Barbara Jean and Benny Ray Hooper, Mary Anne and James Edward Hooper,
Mattie Ila and Edd Pate Hooper, Deanna Ruth and John W. Baumgardner,
Doyce Imogene and Marvin Edd Hooper, Ruby Irene and Joseph Tindall

James Edward Hooper, Jr., Deborah Kay Hooper, Rose Marie Hooper,
Alan David Hooper, Jay C. Baumgardner and Sherry Lynn Hooper

Not present: Donald Ray Hooper

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