Charles Noah & Christina Antonia Hunter Hooper
~ Family Tree ~

Submitted by:  Lynn Hooper Gibson

This is a bare minimum of our tree. We have some theories on some of Charles Noah's siblings,
if anyone is interested in the details you con contact me ~ Lynn

Charles Noah Hooper
Born 1802 in NC
Died after 1853 possibly in Fulton Co AR or on the way to Madison Co AR
Married August 27, 1833
Claiborne CO TN
Christina Antonia Hunter
Born April 03, 1813
Powell Valley, Claiborne CO TN
Died October 15, 1896
Witter Cemetery, Witter, Madison CO AR

Abraham Hooper
Born September 08, 1834 in TN
He died sometime after 1866, location is not known

Elizabeth June Hooper
Born April 07, 1836 in TN
Married Jonas Williams, in 1866 in Madison Co AR
Died November 1897
Buried Witter Cemetery, Witter, Madison CO AR

Frederick Tillman Hooper
Born December 11, 1837 in TN
Married Francis Caroline Smith on June 27, 1861 in Witter, Madison Co AR
Died August 20, 1919
Buried Riverside Cemetery, St. Paul, Madison CO AR
    1. James Tillman Hooper
    2. Christina Antonia Hooper
    3. Mary Ellen Hooper
    4. Emily Jane Hooper
    5.Charles Canan Hooper
    6. Melissa Belle Hooper

    7. George Washington Hooper born August 11, 1876
                    Died January 23, 1964
                    Buried at Witter Cemetery Madison CO AR
                    Married July 26 1903
                    Daisy Angeline Bolinger
                        1.    Ada Cleo Hooper
                        2.    Clara Edith Hooper
                        3.    Frederick Orlando Hooper
                        4.    Clela Lee Hooper
                        5.    Clora Christina Hooper
                        6.    Roas Francis Hooper
                        7.    Violet Syble Hooper
                        8.    Crystal Edna Hooper
                        9.    Georgia Gale Hooper
                      10.    Alvin David Hooper born May 7, 1928
    8. William David Hooper
    9. Simon Peter Hooper

Barbara C. Hooper
Born December 11, 1837 in TN
Never married
Died July 09, 1919
Buried Witter Cemetery, Witter, Madison CO AR

Mary Polly Hooper
Born September 20, 1841 TN
Married James Driver in Madison Co AR
Died unknown
Buried unknown

William David Hooper
Born September 07, 1843 TN
Married Cynthia Bolinger on December 12, 1871 in Madison Co AR
Died December 26, 1927
Buried Witter Cemetery, Witter, Madison CO AR

Joseph W. Hooper
Born June 07, 1845 TN
Died unknown

Mal Canan Hooper
Born December 07, 1847 TN
Died February 1897
Buried Witter Cemetery, Witter, Madison CO AR
Never married

Thursey Ann Hooper
Born May 23, 1850 TN
Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hackett, AR
Married Burkly Robinson

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