Abraham and Elizabeth Litton Hooper
~ Family Tree ~

Submitted by Charles Hooper

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Descendants of Abraham Hooper:

1  Abraham Hooper, b. April 25, 1826 in MD (probabaly Calvert County).  Moved to Owen and Monroe Counties, IN for about 20 years, then Chautaqua County, KS by the 1880 Census, then finally to OK.  d. June 3, 1896
       +  Elizabeth Litton, b. April 30, 1830 in IN.  m. November 28, 1850 in Owen County, IN
                2  Julia A. Hooper, b. 1851 in IN
                2  Sarah L. Hooper, b. 1854 in IN
                2  Louisa J. Hooper, b. 1856 in IN
                2  Carrie E. (Carritta) Hooper, b. 1859 in IN
                2  Margaret M. Hooper, b. about 1865 in IN
                2  William F. Hooper, b. 1867 in IN
                2  Isaac E. Hooper, b. February 1870 in IN
                2  Edward P. Hooper, b. about 1870 in IN
                2  James N. Hooper, b. August 7, 1872 in IN
                2  Charles Everett Hooper, b. about 1876 in IN
                       +  Elizabeth Dean Stephens.  m. in OK
                              3  Eva Hooper, b. 1901 in OK
                              3  John Hooper, b. 1904 in OK
                              3  Jesse Ervil Hooper, b. December 13, 1909 in OK
                                         4  Charles Edward Hooper, Sr., b. August 16, 1930 in Oklahoma City, OK
                                                    5  Charles Edward Hooper, Jr.
                              3  Hugh Hooper, b. January 28, 1912 in OK

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