~ The Last Will and Testament
of William W. Hooper ~

Submitted by:  Deanna Baumgardner

of Reading, made the ffift day of August. 1678 being in my
    perfect Memory.
first, I give my soule to god whoe gave it to mee, and my body to dust:
    from whence It came
It.  I give halfe my land. upland and Meddow ground to my wife
during her life and the other halfe of my land and Meddow.  I give
to my son William and his heirs for ever;  And my will is That
hee shall improve it all.  And his mother to have halfe the profitt
during her life. and at her decease; hee my son William to have all
my land and Meddow and Cattle; And to pay to my six children
that are unmarryed ffive pounds apiece. as they shall come to age;
But hee shall not pay any for two yeers after my decease.  And
my Will is that my two younger sons shalbe with their mother and
my son William till they bee ffifteene yeers of age to be helpfull to
them And then my Will is That they may be sett to some Trade.
And if either of them have amind to bee a weaver.  Then I doe will
to him to have my Loomes. and all my Tackling to them.  And my
household stuffe.  I give it all to my wife to bee at her owne dispose.
But if my wife should marry.  All my lands and Cattle shalbe my
son Williams. only the household goods; to bee my wifes, as is
    willed before as witnesse my hand

the marke of                        
William W hooper                  

Witnessed by
        Thomas Marshall
        John Severne
        Thomas Bancroft
And my will is that my brother Captayne Marshall. and my
Cousine Ensigne Bancroft shalbe my overseers to this will as above-
All of the y" abovenamed witnesses took oath to this writing as
    signed by Wm. Hooper

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