1809 - 1892
~ Franklin County, GA ~

Submitted by Deanna Baumgardner

Hooper, Alvin  7 Dec 1851 Christian C. Chalmer
Hooper, Clementine 9 Feb 1837 Terrel L. Harison
Hooper, Elizabeth  5 Feb 1835 Chas W. Leford
Hooper, Garlan 5 Nov 1834 Atenis Payne
Hooper, Johnson M. 18 Nov 1828 Bernicy Chatham
Hooper, Joicey 7 Feb 1836 Osborn Finch
Hooper, Martha 24 May 1831 Mathew B. Cockerham
Hooper, Mary 27 Jan 1842 George A. Bing
Hooper, Matthew B. 17 Feb 1856 Mary C. Purcell
Hooper, Milly 1 June 1841 Joseph Cash
Hooper, Patsey 3 Feb 1811 John Denham
Hooper, Richard 23 April 1834 Adene Miller
Hooper, Richard F. 5 Oct 1845 Mary Martin
Hooper, Sarah E. 28 Sep 1852 Henry Wilkie
Hooper, Susannah 6 April 1809 Rueben Hagin
Hooper, Washington H. 6 March 1838 Frances Hancock
Hooper, A. D. 1892 Nancy Edwards
Hooper, J. T. 1881 Maggie E. Parks
Hooper, Sylvanus M. 1880 Matilda Stephenson

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